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What Is A Legacy Account?

Legacy Accounts have a low user number, and/or an early registration date. They are available in limited numbers as Collector’s Items/Sectual memorabilia.

About Purchasing A Legacy Account

Purchase of a Legacy Account is non-refundable after the account has been logged into by the buyer. The purchase of a Legacy Account will not be refunded if the user wishes to later have that account deactivated. Please read the entirety of the message board Disclaimer, Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy, paying particular attention to the “Account Deactivation” section before purchasing a Legacy Account: Disclaimer | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy

Legacy Accounts are treated no differently than any other account. Legacy Account holders are treated no differently than any other user.

All Legacy Accounts are automatically Upgraded, meaning the following features are granted to the Legacy Account after purchase:

Upgraded Membership Features The Following Abilities:

1. Change Your Username
2. Set A Custom User Title
3. Create A Forum Signature
4. Create Poll Threads